How can I listen or intrude on a user's calls on Avaya IP Office?

Call Listen allows one user to listen in on another user's call but does not allow that user to be an active participant. This is a 'listen only' feature.

Call Intrude allows one user to intrude on another user's call thus becoming a full participant in the conversation. The use of the mute button can make this a listen only action however the intruding party can fully participate in the conversation at any time.

  1. Create a new Hunt Group called Monitor Group. 

    1.  Log into the IP Office Manager 
    2. Right click on Hunt Group and select New
    3. Enter the new Hunt Group name Monitor Group
    4. Enter the Hunt Group number. Select the next number after the last Hunt Group shown in the list. For example if you have 3 Hunt Groups working on your IP Office system and the last number of the 3rd Hunt Group is 1003, then the next number to use for this new hunt group will be 1004. 

    Set Ring Mode = Sequential 
    Queuing = Off 
    Voicemail = Off 
    User List = Add 
    Add all extensions which will be involved in the Call Listen/Intrude 
  2. For the user that'll be listening in to the calls (i.e. Supervisor or Team leader) enable 'Can Intrude' and set the 'Monitor Group' to be the new Hunt Group you've just created. 

    1.  Log into the IP Office Manager 
    2. Click on Users 
    3. Select the Users extension number 
    4. Click on the Telephony tab 
    5. Click on the Supervisory Settings tab and set the following: 

    Monitor Group = Monitor Group (new Hunt Group created in step 1) 
    Can Intrude = Yes (ticked) 
    Cannot be Intruded = Yes (assuming that this user should be exempt from having others listen in on their calls) 
  3. For the same user (the one that will be listening in to the calls i.e. Supervisor or Team Leader) create a new Call Listen button. 

    1.  Log into the IP Office Manager 
    2. Click on Users 
    3. Click on Button Programming and set the following: 

    Label = Call Listen 
    Action = Call Listen ( Advanced > Call > Call Listen) 
    Action Data = leave this blank 
  4. For the user that will be listened in to (i.e. team member) you will need to disable 'Cannot be Intruded'. 

    1. Log into the IP Office Manager 
    2. Click on Users 
    3. Select the Users extension number 
    4. Click on the Telephony tab 
    5. Click on the Supervisory Settings tab and set the following: 

    Cannot be Intruded = No (unticked) 
    Can Intrude = No (unticked - assuming that they should not be allowed to intrude on other user's calls) 
  5. Save the configuration and merge.
  6. To use the feature: 

    Press Call Listen button 
    Enter extension number 
    Press 'done'