How do I display the name for incoming callers in my Avaya IP Office directory?

To display the name you'll need to have Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) on your lines. To order or to speak to someone about CLIP please contact us.

Once it's enabled on your lines, the following changes will need to be made in programming from your IP Office Manager.

Numbers stored in the directory usually have a 9 at the front to access outgoing lines. However incoming calls won't have a 9 before the number. This means that the incoming call won't match the number that is stored in the Directory.

To fix this simply:

  1. Log in to IP Office Manager.
  2. Select Line 1 and amend the Prefix, National Prefix and International Prefix with the digit you use to access your lines, usually 9. In default, the Prefix is blank, the National Prefix is 0 and the International Prefix is 00.
  3. Click Ok.
  4. Repeat this for all the lines.
  5. Save the changes. You may need to reboot your system.