How to back up and restore your Avaya IP Office?

The steps below will take you through backing up your IP Office telephone system -

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Go to File > Save configuration as
  3. Select a location, this is where you want the file to be saved and make sure the file type is a .CFG format
  4. Press Save

How to restore your IP Office system

  1. Login to IP Office Manager
  2. Go to File > Offline > Open file
  3. Find the back up file, it will then open in IP Office Manager in an offline mode
  4. To restore the file you've just selected in step 3 select File > Offline > Send config
  5. Tick the box next to your IP Office and press Ok
  6. It will ask you to enter your username and password
  7. Next, reboot your system, select File > Save configuration and then Immediate