What are the call features on the one-X Portal on Avaya IP Office?

Call features on the one-X Portal include:-

  • Caller ID and Name Presentation are presented as standard (it will require Caller ID presentation or Caller ID provided at the Telephone Exchange first) allowing you to see who's calling before answering.
    The caller's phone number and name (if entered into the IP Office configuration) are clearly shown in the call status area.
    The same information is also displayed should a second incoming call be presented, allowing you to easily switch between calls.
    The call log is centralised and is also available on the desktop phone.
  • Desktop PC Telephony Controls allow the use of telephony buttons in the call section that activate standard telephone functions such as Answer, Drop, Hold, Retrieve, Record, Consult and Transfer so that you don't need to remember IP Office specific feature codes. These functions are context sensitive and appear depending on the status of the call. Keyboard shortcuts are available for Answer, Hold, Drop and Call functions and can be configured by the yourself.
    Active calls can be easily parked by clicking on a park slot whilst displaying the active call.
  • Conferencing Controls allow the setting up of an conference call from calls on hold and/or the directory, or a meet-me conference. It is possible to configure the Conference ID of the user for meet-me conferences.
    Once the conference is set up the conference originator will have the following functions:
    • mute/unmute a party/oneself
    • mute/unmute all
    • drop a party from the conference
    • hold the conference while others keep talking
    • record the conference