How can I personalise my one-X Portal layout on Avaya IP Office?

There are a number of ways in which the one-X Portal section layout can be adjusted. Any changes made are stored by the one-X Portal in your user settings, so the saved version is always available when the you log in again.

Options forĀ changing the one-X Portal for IP Office Layout:-

  1. Select a Skin - There are 2 skins available to choose from.
  2. Change the Column Widths - the screen is in divided in two columns of variable width.
  3. Show/Hide a section - It is possible to minimize unused sections and use the available space for the used ones.
  4. Resize a section - By dragging the resize icon at the bottom of the section it is possible to change size to a specific section.
  5. Move a Section by dragging the Section itself.
  6. Default the Layout to go back to factory default settings.