How to back up and restore your MN3300

The steps below will take you through backing up your Mitel 3300 telephone system -

  1. Connect to your Mitel 3300. If you get a message on screen saying there is a problem with the website certificate, select Continue to the website. This will bring you to the log on page, if you are using Internet Explorer 10 please enable Compatibility view at this point.
  2. When logged in, on the next page select the System Administration Tool.
  3. Select Maintenance and Diagnostics from the menu on the left hand side, then selectBackup/Restore underneath, and click on Backup underneath that.
  4. If you get any warnings about Java pop up select Run.
  5. You will now see the settings for backing up the system in the middle of the page, leave the Node Selection set to selected node and Location of the backup file(s) set tolocal hard drive.
  6. Click the Browse button and navigate to the location on your PC you wish to save the back up to.
  7. Enter a prefix to the file name for the backup (this could be something like "Mitel_system" or a backup version number "backup2") to help you identify the backup in future.
  8. In the optional data section you can select Call History and Voice Mail Messages if you want these to be included in the backup (these are not essential and will vastly increase the time taken to do the backup and the file size).
  9. Click Start Backup and this will begin saving the backup to your PC.

To restore your MN3300

  1. Follow steps 1 & 3 from above but choose Restore.
  2. If you get any warnings about Java pop up select Run.
  3. This will load the Restore options in the middle of the page, leave Location of archived file set as Local hard drive.
  4. Click the browse button, navigate to the location the backup is saved to on your PC and select it.
  5. Leave Dimension selection set to from archived file and click Start Restore.
  6. The system will require a reboot once the restore is complete for it to take effect. To do this select Maintenance Commands which is underneath Maintenance and Diagnostics on the left hand side.
  7. In the command box at the top of the page enter "dbms status" and click Submit. In the response lower down the page you are looking for DBMS initialised is on, if it saysDBMS initialised is off enter "dbms save" in the command box and click Submit.
  8. In the command box enter "reset system" and click Submit. This will start a software reset of the system that takes approximately 15 minutes to return to full service (this can be more depending on system size and applications being used).

 If you have any problems ensure you have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment installed on your PC and that Pop-up blockers is disabled on Internet Explorer.

There are known issues with running backups on Internet Explorer 9, we recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 10 and enabling compatibility view.