How do I get my system IP address from my MN3300 featurephone?

To get your IP address from any of your MN3300 featurephones, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the Up arrow key.
  2. Then hold the Down arrow key.
  3. Release the Up arrow key.
  4. Dial 234 and release the Down arrow key.
  5. You should see Network Parameters. Press * = Yes. Press # = No.
  6. Press * = Yes.
  7. You should see View Current Values.
  8. Press * = Yes.
  9. Using the Up and Down keys, scroll Down.
  10. Look for CUR Controller IP: 
    The IP address shown here is the IP address of your system.
  11. Press the Exit key.
  12. Now press # = No until you see Exit.
  13. Press * = Yes