How do I register my IP Phone with Mitel system?

To register an existing, new or replacement IP phone including a phone with a new MAC address follow these simple steps:

  1. Plug the phone into its socket.
  2. Let the phone boot up and you'll eventually see a message saying either: 
    • Use Super Key to send PIN
    • Use Hold Key to send PIN 

    5212 SuperKey 

  3. Key in ### or ***

    ### is to register replacement phones, *** is to register new phones for 1st time registration. 
  4. Key in its extension number.
  5. Press the Super Key or Hold button, depending on what the display has instructed you to do.
  6. Your phone should now register with the system. If the phone fails to register, check your Mitel System DHCP setting are enabled. If this fails, please contact us.