How do I find my MN3300 Bluetooth Serial Number?

The Mitel cordless accessories are sold as kits but have to be split up for repair purposes.

The cordless handset with charging plate and module kit, 50005713, splits into:

  • 50005402 - Cordless accessories module
  • 50005403 - Cordless handset with charging plate

The cordless headset with charging cradle and module kit, 50005714, splits into:

  • 50005402 - Cordless accessories module
  • 50005404 - Cordless headset with charging cradle

The serial numbers can be found as follows:

50005402 - The bar code sticker is on the outside of module 
50005403 - Open up the handset to see the serial number 
50005404 - Remove the charging cradle from the desktop phone to see the serial number - you'll need to remove the screws 

The serial number format for older equipment is 5 letters and 4 numbers beginning with FS. The newer ones are a mixture of numbers and letters e.g. 1U4FS11290G5.