Where can I find Feature Access codes of MN3300 system?

There are no universally used Feature Access codes. Customers can choose whatever codes they want, however, some customers use codes from a common list.

A list of common codes can be found in the Feature Access Code Matrix, please see the PDF file.


  1. If the code does not work, you or a system administrator, will need to log into the MN3300 using your login ID and password in order to check the Feature Access Code Assignment. 

    To check the Feature Access Code Assignment: 

    1. Log in & click on System Administration tool 
    2. Select System Administration 
    3. Select System options 
    4. Select Feature Access Code Assignment 


    1. Click on System Administration Tool 
    2. Click on System Administration 
    3. Select All forms (alphabetical) 
    4. Select Feature Access Code Assignment 
  2. The Class of Service number assigned to your extension might not allow you to use certain facilities. to find out which features an extension is permitted in its Class of Service.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF documents.