Where can I download the Business Series Terminals Label Maker?

The Business Series Terminals Label Maker is to be used with the T7100, T7208 & T7316 telephones. 

Desktop Assistant is a Windows application used by end-users to create customised labels for Avaya Business Series Terminals. The application will run on the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Windows XP - Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP
  • Windows Vista (32 bit)

Minimum display settings

640x480 with 16 bit high colour or 65,536 colours. 

Application Overview

Within the application, users can select the set type they wish to label. They are presented with an image of the set and can then enter text in the button label fields. For each button, users may select the font type, size and colour as well as the background fill colour. When complete the labels can be printed on a standard monochromatic or colour printer, and the data file may be saved for later modification or for sharing among users. When saved, the file will have a ".ntl" extension at the end of its file name. 

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