How do I set up a Conference call on Nortel Norstar?

To hold a conference call, one call must be an incoming call to a Norstar Compact or Modular plus, with software version 4 and below.

To set up a conference call between yourself and two other parties:

  1. Make or answer the first call.
  2. Put the first call on hold.
  3. Make or answer the second call.
  4. After the second call is connected, press Feature 3.
  5. Press the line or intercom key of the first held call (not required on the M7100N telephone).
  6. Press Release to end the conference call.

To put a conference call on hold:

  • Press Hold. The other two callers can still speak to each other.

To split a conference:

  • Press the Line or Intercom key of one caller, to consult privately while the other caller is on hold.
  • To re-establish the conference, press Feature 3.

To disconnect one party:

  1. Press the Line or Intercom key of the caller you want to disconnect, then pressRelease.
  2. Press the Line or Intercom key of the remaining caller to resume your conversation.

Normally, when one person drops out of a conference, the other two remain connected. However, if the other two people are on exchange lines, they may be disconnected.

To independently hold two calls:

  • Press the Line or Intercom key of the first caller, then press Hold. The second caller is automatically put on hold.