How can I listen to calls on CS1000/Meridian,  being handled by agents in my call centre?

Only supervisor ACD telephones can monitor or observe calls, review the set up of the extension TN and check that key 0 is an ACD key with a status of spv not agn. Then select a free key and allocate the observe feature to it. You may also, if there are sufficient free keys, allocate agent keys to the set. Follow the instructions below to provide these keys:

LD 11

REQ  chg 
TYPE  (enter the type of telephone for example 2216, 3905) 
TN  (enter the TN of the set) 
ECHG  yes 
ITEM  key xx obv  (where xx is the key number)

The OBV key is all that's required if you are going to use the dial-up observe feature.

If you want to allocate an Agent key to the supervisors set continue as follows:

KEY xx agt yyyy (where xx is the key number and yyyy is the agent I.D.) 
KEY (either add another agent key or press enter) 
When all required keys have been added keep pressing enter until the REQ prompt appears.

If you do not know the agent I.D.'s it will be necessary to print the TN's of the agents extensions and note the information against key 0.

To use the observe facility:

  1. Press the Observe Agent Key.
  2. Press the Agent Key or dial the agent's position ID. You may then listen to the agent and callers conversation.
  3. To terminate the observe feature press the release or goodbye key.