What spam protection is available with Office 365?

Exchange Online uses Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange and Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server to help protect incoming, outgoing, and internal messages from malicious software transferred through email.

This service uses anti-spam technology to help achieve high accuracy rates, and multiple, complementary antivirus engines to help detect viruses and other malicious code spread through email.

Safe and Blocked Senders

You can manage your safe and blocked senders from the Outlook Web App, manage your advanced Junk Mail options and view complete lists of safe and blocked senders.

Junk Mail and Spam Quarantine

By default, when Exchange Online receives messages, they are evaluated and assigned a spam confidence level (SCL) value.

Messages with:

· Low SCL values are delivered to your inbox.

· Borderline SCL values are placed in your Outlook Junk Mail folder, where they are automatically removed after 30 days.