How do I set up Office 365 on my BlackBerry 6 or 7?

You can use your Office 365 email on your BlackBerry.

Although the steps shown here are correct in principle, some of the detail may differ on your device. You may see slightly different text on your screen or a button may have a slightly different name, and so on. This is because there are so many devices and software versions around that we cannot cover all of the variations.

But just follow the principle below - and use the email settings - and you should be OK (the user guide for your BlackBerry should give you more detail, too).

  1. Select Setup from the BlackBerry All screen 


  2. Select Email Accounts or Email settings 

    If your BlackBerry presents you with a login box, you'll need your BlackBerry username and password to login. If you don't have this information, you'll need to contact your mobile network provider. 


  3. Delete your old email account by clicking on the old account and selecting Delete from the menu. Note: make sure you have a back up of your emails first. 
  4. Select Other within Email Setup 

  5. Enter the email address 
  6. Enter the password as any password of your choice 
  7. Select Continue or Next 
  8. The setup will fail. The screen will say something like 'Invalid Email Address or Password'- don't worry, we want it to do this! When it does, press OK then select I will provide the settings and press Continue 


  9. Select POP/IMAP, then enter your: 
    • real email address in the Email address field
    • password for the email account you want to set up (if you don't know this, you should be able to get it from your Internet Service Provider or domain host)
  10. Enter in the Email server field.
  11. In the User name field, enter your real email address again
  12. Select Continue or Next to complete the setup 
  13. You should now get the Account Setup Confirmation screen
  14. Press Close or OK and the account should now be working (although it may take up to 30 minutes for the first email to appear)