Setting up an Office 365 Small Business Premium account in Apple OSX Mail

To setup a POP account in Microsoft Outlook 2011 on Mac OSX follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch Mail and then select Preferences from the Mail application menu 

  2. A window should appear showing all email accounts that are set up to work with mail. If the Window doesn't appear, click on Accounts icon at the top of the window 

  3. Now select the plus button (+) at the bottom of the accounts pane to add a new account
  4. Select Exchange from the next window

  5. Image
  6. You'll now see the below screen. Type in your Office 365 Premium email address and password and click on Continue 

  7. Mail should now double check the email address. Once this completes you'll be taken to the account summary. Select Continue
  8. Choose which services you want to sync with your Office 365 Premium account and click done 

  9. You can now close this window and use your email account