802.1X Authentication and Status 

The 802.1X Authentication and 802.1X Authentication Status menus allow you to enable 802.1X authentication  and monitor its progress. These options are described in the following tables. 

You can access the 802.1X Authentication settings by pressing Settings and choosing one of the following: 

  • To configure your 802.1x authentication, choose Security Configuration > 802.1X Authentication
  • To view the transaction status of your 802.1x authentication, choose Security Configuration > 802.1X Authentication Status.   

To exit these menus, press Exit.

802.1X Authentication Settings



To Change

Device Authentication 


Determines whether 802.1X authentication is enabled:

  • EnabledPhone uses 802.1X authentication to request network access.
  • DisabledDefault setting in which the phone uses CDP to acquire VLAN and network access.


Set Device Authentication Field


Specifies a password for use with 802.1X Authentication using the following menu options:

  • Device ID
  • Shared Secret
  • Realm 

Choose Settings > Security Configuration > 802.1X Authentication > EAP-MD5. 

Device ID—A derivative of the phone’s model number and unique MAC address, displayed in this format: CP-<model>-SEP-<MAC>      

Display only — Cannot configure. 

Shared Secret: Choose a password to use on the phone and on the authentication server. The password must be between 6 and 32 characters, consisting of any combination of numbers or letters. If you disable 802.1X authentication or perform a factory reset of the phone, the shared secret is deleted.


Set EAP-MD5 Shared Secret Field

Realm: Indicates the user network domain, always set as Network.

Display only—Cannot configure. 

The following table describes the 802.1X Authentication Real-Time Status.



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802.1X Authentication  Status


Real-time progress of the 802.1X authentication  status, displaying one of the following states: 

  • Disabled:802.1X is disabled and  transaction was not attempted 

  • Disconnected: Physical link is down or  disconnected 

  • Connecting: Trying to discover or acquire  the authenticator 

  • Acquired: Authenticator acquired,  awaiting authentication to begin 

  • Authenticating: Authentication in progress 

  • Authenticated: Authentication successful  or implicit authentication due to timeouts 

  • Held: Authentication failed, waiting  before next attempt (approximately 60  seconds)


Display onlyCannot  configure.