CTL File Submenu


The CTL File screen includes the options described in the following table.


If a CTL file is installed on the phone, you can access the CTL File submenu by pressing the Settings button and choosing Security Configuration > Trust List.


To exit the CTL File submenu, press Exit.



To Change

Unified CM/TFTP Server


Common Name from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Certificate of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager and TFTP server used by the phone. Also displays a certificate icon   if a certificate is installed for this server.


If neither the primary TFTP (TFTP Server 1) server nor the backup TFTP server (TFTP Server 2) is listed in the CTL file, you must unlock the CTL file before you can save changes that you make to the TFTP Server 1 option or to the TFTP Server 2 option on the Network Configuration menu.


For information about changing these options, see Network Configuration Menu.

Application Server

Common Name from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Certificate of the trusted application server used by the phone.


Also displays a certificate   icon.


A phone-trust certificate is used to authenticate application servers with which the phone communicates.


One Application Server menu item appears for each phone-trust store whose certificates have been uploaded into Cisco Unified OS Administration and later downloaded into the phones CTL file.


For more information about phone-trust certificates, see the following manuals:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration Guide, Securitychapter
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Security Guide, Security Overviewchapter.

Unlock CTL and ITL Files


To unlock the CTL and ITL files from the Security Configuration menu, perform these steps:




Step 1

Press **# to unlock options on the overall setting menu of the Cisco Unified IP Phone.


Step 2

Select Trust List > CTL or ITL file depending on which file is installed in your phone.

Note If both CTL and ITL files are installed in your phone, you can choose either option.  


Step 3 Press Unlock to unlock Trust List files on the phone. The CTL or ITL files, if installed on your phone, will be unlocked together.


Note When you press Unlock, the softkey changes to Lock. If you decide not to change the TFTP server option, press Lock to lock the CTL file.