Display Settings Menu

To display a configuration menu, perform the following steps.

Note You can control whether a phone has access to the Settings menu or to options on this menu by using the Settings Access field in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Phone Configuration window. The Settings Access field accepts these values:

  • EnabledAllows access to the Settings menu.
  • DisabledPrevents access to the Settings menu.
  • RestrictedAllows access to the User Preferences menu and allows volume changes to be saved. Prevents access to other options on the Settings menu.

If you cannot access an option on the Settings menu, check the Settings Access field.


Step 1 Press Settings to access the Settings menu.

Step 2 Perform one of these actions to display the desired menu:

  • Use the Navigation pad to select the desired menu and then press the Select.
  • Use the keypad on the phone to enter the number that corresponds to the menu.

Step 3 To display a submenu, repeat Step 2.

Step 4 To exit a menu, press Exit.


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