Unlock and Lock Options

Configuration options that can be changed from a phone are locked by default to prevent users from making changes that could affect the operation of a phone. You must unlock these options before you can change them.

When options are inaccessible for modification, a locked padlock icon appears on the configuration menus. When options are unlocked and accessible for modification, an unlocked padlock icon appears on these menus.

To unlock or lock options, press **#. This action either locks or unlocks the options, depending on the previous state.

Note If a Settings Menu password has been provisioned, SIP Phones present an Enter passwordprompt after you enter **#.  

Make sure to lock options after you have made your changes.

Caution Do not press **# to unlock options and then immediately press **# again to lock options. The phone interprets this sequence as **#**, which resets the phone. To lock options after unlocking them, wait at least 10 seconds before you press **# again.  

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