Access Web Page for Phone

To access the web page for a Cisco Unified IP Phone, perform these steps.

Note If you cannot access the web page, it may be disabled. See Control Web Page Access for more information. Note


Step 1 

Obtain the IP address of the Cisco Unified IP Phone by using one of these methods:

  • Search for the phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager by choosing DevicePhone. Phones registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager display the IP address on the Find and List Phones window and at the top of the Phone Configuration window.
  • On the Cisco Unified IP Phone, press the Settings button, choose Network Configuration, and then scroll to the IP Address option.

Step 2 

Open a web browser and enter the following URL, where IP_address is the IP address of the Cisco Unified IP Phone: http://IP_address or https://IP_address depending on the protocol supported by the Cisco Unified IP Phone.