Device Logs Area


The following device logs hyperlinks on a phones web page provide information you can use to help monitor  and troubleshoot the phone. To access a device log area, access the web page for the phone as described in  the Access Web Page for Phone


  • Console Logs: Includes hyperlinks to individual log files. The console log files include debug and error  messages received on the phone.   
  • Core Dumps: Includes hyperlinks to individual dump files. The core dump files include data from a  phone crash. 
  • Status Messages: Displays up to the 10 most recent status messages that the phone has generated since  it was last powered up. You can also see this information from the Status Messages screen on the phone. Status Messages describes the status messages that can appear.


 Debug Display: Displays debug messages that might be useful to Cisco TAC if you require assistance with troubleshooting.