Phone Startup Process Verification

After the Cisco Unified IP Phone has power connected to it, the phone begins its startup process by cycling through the following steps.


1 These buttons flash on and off in sequence:

  • Headset (only if the handset is off-hook when the phone powers up. Hang up the handset within 3 seconds to have the phone launch its secondary load. To continue with the primary load, leave the handset off-hook.)
  • Mute
  • Speaker


2 Some or all of the line keys flash amber in sequence.


Caution  If the line keys flash red in sequence after flashing amber, do not power down the phone until the sequence of red flashes completes. This sequence can take several minutes to complete.  


3 Some or all of the line keys flash green.


Normally, this sequence takes just a few seconds. However, if the phones Flash memory is erased or the phone load is corrupted, the sequence of green flashes will continue while the phone begins a software update procedure. If the phone performs this procedure, the following buttons light to indicate progress:

  • HeadsetPhone is waiting for the network and completing CDP and DHCP configuration. A DHCP server must be available in your network.
  • MutePhone is downloading images from the TFTP server.
  • SpeakerPhone is writing images to its Flash memory.


4 The phone screen displays the Cisco Systems, Inc., logo screen.


5 These messages appear as the phone starts:

  • Verifying Load (if the phone load does not match the load on the TFTP server). If this message appears, the phone starts up again and repeats step 1 through step 4 above.
  • Configuring IP
  • Updating the Trust List
  • Updating Locale
  • Configuring Unified CM List
  • Registering 

6 The phone screen displays:
  • Current date and time
  • Primary directory number
  • Additional directory numbers and speed dial numbers, if configured 
  • Softkeys 

If the phone successfully passes through these stages, it has started up properly. If the phone does not start up properly, see Startup Problems.