Set TFTP Server 2 Field


Note If you forgot to unlock the CTL or ITL file, you can change the TFTP Server 2 address in either file, then erase them by pressing Erase from the Security Configuration menu. A new CTL or ITL file downloads from the new TFTP Server 2 address.



Step 1 Unlock the CTL or ITL file if necessary (for example, if you are changing the administrative domain of the phone). If both the CTL and ITL files exist, unlock either of the files.

Step 2 Unlock network configuration options.

Step 3 Enter an IP address for the TFTP Server 1 option.

Step 4 Scroll to the TFTP Server 2 option, press Edit, and then enter a new backup TFTP server IP address.

Step 5 Press Validate, and then press Save.