Phone Features User Subscription and Setup


Users can perform a variety of activities by using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options web pages. These activities include subscribing to services, setting up speed dial and call forwarding numbers, configuring ring settings, and creating a personal address book. Keep in mind that configuring settings on a phone using a website might be new for your users. You need to provide as much information as possible to ensure that they can successfully access and use the User Options web pages.


Make sure to provide users with the following information about the User Options web pages:

  • The URL required to access the application. This URL is: http://<server_name:portnumber>/ccmuser/, where server_name is the host on which the web server is installed.
  • A user ID and default password are needed to access the application.

These settings correspond to the values you entered when you added the user to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (see Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Addition).

  • A brief description of what a web-based, graphical user interface application is, and how to access it with a web browser.
  • An overview of the tasks that users can accomplish by using the web page.