Set Up Synchronizer


To configure the Cisco Unified IP Phone Address Book Synchronizer, perform these steps:




Step 1

Open the Cisco Unified IP Phone Address Book Synchronizer.

If you accepted the default installation directory, you can open the application by choosing Start > All Programs > Cisco Systems > TabSync.


Step 2 To configure user information, select User.

The Cisco Unified CallManager User Information window displays.


Step 3 Enter the Cisco Unified IP Phone user name and password and select OK.


Step 4 To configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager server information, select Server.

The Configure Cisco Unified CallManager Server Information window displays.


Step 5 Enter the IP address or host name and the port number of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and select OK.

 If you do not have this information, contact your system administrator.


Step 6 To start the directory synchronization process, select Synchronize.

The Synchronization Status window provides the status of the address book synchronization. If you chose the user intervention for duplicate entries rule and you have duplicate address book entries, the Duplicate Selection window displays.


Step 7 Choose the entry that you want to include in your Personal Address Book and select OK.


Step 8 When synchronization is complete, select Exit to close the Cisco Unified CallManager Address Book Synchronizer.


Step 9 To verify whether the synchronization worked, sign in to your User Options web pages and choose Personal Address Book. The users from your Windows address book should be listed.