Calls can be placed on hold and a conference created using either the phone or desktop applications. Additional conference members may be added, however a single conference may not have more than 64 members.


For the IP500 and IP500 V2 the total conferencing capacity is 128 channels. This could be alternatively 2 conference of 64 users, 3 conferences of 42 users or any other combination (maximum 64 participants per conference call).


 Only two calls connecting through analog trunks are permitted in any single conference.




This feature is available with Essential Edition, Preferred and Advanced Editions.


Silent Intrusion or Whisper Page can be effective in a scenario where a secretary/administration support intrudes into a call of his/her boss to whisper that a very important customer is waiting. The boss hears his/her secretary while talking to the caller but the caller will not be able to hear the secretary.



• Allows for the interruption or inclusion of a supervisor, co-worker to join a call without far end caller listening to the conversation.



• Used in call center scenarios and with other applications between employees. Supports the interruption or inclusion of a supervisor on a live call to talk to an agent without the far-end caller listening to the conversation. This is useful when the agent needs coaching support/training or when the supervisor needs to intrude to give instructions to an agent. The caller may still talk to the agent, but the caller will not hear what the supervisor is saying. The agent will be able to hear both the caller and the supervisor.



Also known as "Hotline". Automatically dials a specified extension when the phone is taken off hook. This facility is commonly used in unmanned reception areas or for door entry systems to allow visitors to easily gain assistance.



Off-Hook Station is designed for users who want their analog phone to operate like digital or IP feature phone, to isolate the user’s phone idle state from the Hook state. This is a useful feature when using one-X Portal for IP Office, Phone Manager or SoftConsole to control the phone state when using a headset on an analog telephone and with call control and dialing from one-X Portal for IP Office, Phone Manager or SoftConsole.



This is a specific service for North America. When an emergency call is connected, IP Office provides calling party information to an external line interface unit. The external unit carries out a number to text translation and forwards this to the emergency services bureau so that the originating location of the call is clearly identified.