Information Elements

The following icons are used to alert you to various types of important information in this guide:

Icons Used in this Guide

Name Icon Description

The Note icon highlights information of interest or important information needed to be
successful in accomplishing a procedure or to understand a concept.
Administrator Tip

The Administrator Tip icon highlights techniques, shortcuts, or productivity related tips.

The Caution icon highlights information you need to know to avoid a hazard that could
potentially impact device performance, application functionality, or successful feature configuration.

The Warning icon highlights an action you must perform (or avoid) to prevent issues that may cause
you to lose information or your configuration setup, and/or affect phone or network performance.
Web Info

The Web Info icon highlights supplementary information available online such as documents or downloads on or other locations.

The Timesaver icon highlights a faster or alternative method for accomplishing a method or operation.
Power Tip

The Power Tip icon faster, alternative procedures for advanced administrators already familiar with the
techniques being discussed.

The Troubleshooting icon highlights information that may help you solve a relevant problem or to refer you to other relevant troubleshooting resources.

The Settings icon highlights settings you may need to choose for a specific behavior, to enable a specific feature, or to access customization options.