Phone Keys and Hardware

The following figure shows the important phone features, which are described next.

VVX 300 Phone Features

Feature Description
Speaker Provides ringer and hands-free (speakerphone) audio output.
 Dialpad Enables you to enter numbers, letters, and special characters. You can also use the
dialpad keys to select menu items that have index numbers.
 Security slot The connector on the back of your phone that enables you to attach a laptop cable lock to your
phone so you can secure it to a desktop. For more information on locking your phone to the desktop,
see Security Slots on Polycom Phones (Technical Bulletin 64654).
 Message Waiting Indicator Flashes red to indicate new messages.
 Home key Press  from any screen to display Home view. From Home view,
press  to display other phone views.
 Screen The 2.2-inch diagonal screen is backlit.
 Navigation keys/Select key Scroll through displayed information or options. Select a field of displayed data.
 Headset key  Enables you to place and receive calls through a headset. The key glows green when an analog headset is activated.
 Speakerphone key  Enables you to place and receive calls using the speakerphone. The key glows green when activated.
 Mute key  Mutes local audio during calls and conferences. The key glows red when activated.
 Volume keys  Adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and phone’s ringer.
 Microphone  Transmits sound to other phones.

 Web Info: Attaching Phone Hardware

For information on attaching phone hardware, including how to connect your phone to the network, see the Quick Start Guide for your phone, available by navigating to your phone from the Polycom Business Media Phones Web page.