Phone Views

Your phone has three main views: Home, Calls, and Lines view (the default).

To change views:

  • For Home view, press.

  • From Home view, press to display either Lines or Call view.

      Troubleshooting: Why Can’t I Access a Certain View?

The views you can access depend on the number of calls your phone has, and if your phone has an active call. If your phone is idle, you can access Home and Lines view. If your phone has one call only—and it’s active—you can access Home and Lines view. If your phone has multiple calls, or one held call, you can access Home, Lines, and Calls view by pressing .

At the top of each view is a status bar, shown next. The status bar shows the date and time. If your phone has information you should know about, messages will display, together with the time.


Home View

You can display Home view (shown next) by pressing. Home view displays your phone line, and messages, settings, and information. At the bottom of Home view is a Page Indicator that shows how many pages of icons Home view displays.

To change the displayed page, press the down or up arrow key. To change the highlighted entry, press the right or left arrow key. Press Select to access the desired menu.

Home view displays the following icons:

  • New Call—Select New Call to display the Dialer so you can place a call.
  • Messages—Select Messages to access your voicemail.
  • Directories—Select Directories to access your Contact Directory, Favorites, and Recent Calls list. You may also be able to access a Corporate Directory and Buddy Status List if they’re set up on your phone.
  • Forward—Select Forward to set up forwarding options for incoming calls.
  • DND—Select DND to toggle DND (Do Not Disturb) on or off. When DND is enabled, your phone won’t ring and incoming calls will go to voice mail.
  • Settings—Select Settings to access phone features and settings to customize your phone.

Additional icons may include:
  • Applications—Select Applications to access a menu of custom applications. See your administrator for information about any specific applications listed in this menu.

  • Calendar—Select Calendar to show a calendar with your meeting details. Using the Calendar feature, you can join meetings directly from your phone.

Lines View

Lines view (shown next) is your phone’s default display. Lines view displays your phone line(s), your favorites, and soft keys in the soft key area.

If your phone is idle, you can press a line key to access the Dialer.

If your phone has calls, the phone line indicates the number of calls you have, and if they’re active or held. If the phone line has an active call, the call color is medium grey, as shown next. If the phone line has one or more held calls, the call color is light grey, as shown next. The number of total calls is shown above the calls. To select a call, use the up and down arrow keys.

 Note: Why Can’t I Access the Idle Browser?

If your phone has calls, you can’t access the Idle Browser. To access the Main Browser, select Applications from Home view. For information about the Browser, see

Using the Browser.
Calls View
You can access Calls view (shown next) if your phone has multiple calls in progress, or you have one held call. Use the up and down arrow keys to see all your calls. If your phone has multiple lines, calls display under the associated line.

Call color indicates status:
    • Medium grey—Active call
    • Dark grey—Incoming call
    • Light grey—Held call
Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight a call. The soft keys apply to the highlighted call.