Using the Browser

You may be able to view an Idle Browser and a Main Browser on your phone if so configured by your system administrator.

If your phone is idle, you may be able to view an Idle Browser—non-interactive Web content on the idle screen—as you navigate between Home and Lines view. To see the Idle Browser, you may need to set up the screen saver. If you are in an active call, the Idle Browser won’t display.

To view an interactive Main Browser, select Applications from the third Home page.

From the Main Browser, you can:

  • Select hyperlinks to view more Web pages.
  • Select a text box and enter information by using the dialpad keys on the phone console or the editing icons.
  • Move around by using the up, down, right, or left arrow keys. Scrolling indicators on the screen indicate your position on the Web page.

Navigation and editing icons (shown next) display in a toolbar along the bottom of the Main Browser.

The toolbar displays unless your system administrator changes the configuration.

The following sections describe how to navigate and enter information in the Main Browser.

Navigating the Main Browser

Navigation icons enable you to view previous Web pages, refresh the current page, return to the Main Browser’s Home page, or go back to your phone’s Home screen.

Press this… To do this…

Go back to the previous Web page.
Refresh the current Web page.
Stop refreshing.

Return to the Main Browser’s home page.
Return to the phone’s Home screen.

Entering Information in the Main Browser

Editing icons enable you to enter information in text boxes. To display the editing icons, select a text box in the Main Browser.

Tap this… To do this…

Select lowercase, uppercase, or numerical mode, or a special character encoding.

Hide the editing icons and display the navigation icons.