Navigating Your Phone Interface

The following table shows you how to navigate your phone’s screens, as well as select and highlight options.

If you want to… Do this…
Return to Home view from any screen Press.
Return to the previous screen Press Back, as shown next. Or press the left arrow key.

Switch phone views Press  to display a different view (from Home view to Lines view to Calls view, if there is an active call).
Place a call Press Dial or use the right arrow key from a call list.
Highlight calls in Calls view Use the up and down arrow keys to select a call. The soft keys, like Hold or Resume, apply to the highlighted call.
Select a menu item or option Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the menu item or option, and press Select.

If the menu is numbered, press the dialpad key to enter the corresponding menu. For example, press 4 to enter the Backlight Timeout menu as shown above.

Use * to page up and # to page down in the menus.
Close an option box without selecting anything Press the left arrow key.
Select a soft key, menu item, or option Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the menu item or option. Press the appropriate soft key.

If an item in a list has a number next to it, you can press the corresponding number on the dialpad to select the item.
Select a soft key that’s not in view If a More soft key displays in the far-right of the soft key area (as shown next), there are additional soft keys available, but you can’t see them. Press More to view the additional soft keys.