How Your Phone Handles Calls

Your phone can handle multiple calls at a time. However, only one active call—the call that has audio associated with it—can be in progress at any given time. In addition to the active call, your phone may have multiple other calls that are either held, or in an incoming or ringing state. Your phone can handle a maximum of 6 calls at one time.

Your administrator can set up your phone to have up to 6 lines. Lines can have unique extension numbers, or they can have the same extension number as other lines. Your phone can supported a maximum of 24 calls.

You can place and answer calls in these ways:

  • Using the handset
  • Using the speakerphone
  • Using a headset

During a call, you can alternate between handset, headset, or speakerphone modes by picking up the handset, or pressing or. For example, if you’re using the handset, you can switch to headset mode by pressing  , or switch to speakerphone mode by pressing .

When you’re in speakerphone mode,  glows green. When you’re in headset mode,  glows green if an analog headset is connected.

 Troubleshooting: Why Doesn’t the Speakerphone Work?

If your speakerphone doesn’t work, your system administrator may have disabled it. You must handle calls using the handset or a headset. If your system administrator disables the speakerphone on your phone, Handsfree mode disabled appears on the screen after you press .

 Power Tip: Setting Up the Phone to Automatically Use Your Headset for All Calls

If you frequently use a headset, you can make the headset the default call path. To set this up, see 

Enabling Headset Memory Mode